Huge Makeup Haul

I have always loved watching other Youtubers give commentary on makeup brands and products that they love and honestly that’s how I’ve learned to do my own makeup. I’ve always thought it’d be so fun to share my insight on makeup that I love and hate so with that being said I’ve decided to start making You Tube videos as well. My husband got me a camera for Christmas, nothing fancy, but it will do the trick while I figure out if filming you tube tutorials is as fun as it looks. It definitely is really nerve wracking, I recorded this video about a week ago and every day I sit and critique it. It’s definitely really hard to put yourself out there and I don’t know how some of these girls do it on a weekly basis. I’ve seen some of the mean comments people post on their videos and I honestly don’t know how they just brush it off. I know this is only my 1st video and as time goes on I will get better and more comfortable for the camera but either way it’s the perfectionist in me that wants it absolutely perfect but I need to remember other Youtubers like Jaclyn Hill or Casey Holmes didn’t have perfect videos when they first started either, they had to grow and evolve and it just takes practice and experience. After you watch this video please don’t bite to hard! Eeek!!

Over the holidays with all the sales going on I decided that I needed to not only do shopping for others but myself as well, so I splurged a little bit and bought a ton of makeup from Sephora, Ulta, Target, and CVS. Of course I had coupons though or the products were on sale, for those of you that know me know I’m a huge couponer and bargain shopper. So here is my 1st video with my new camera showcasing all my new goodies, hope you guys enjoy, and look forward to seeing future videos!

One thought on “Huge Makeup Haul

  1. Great video Rach! You do have a TON of lipsticks lol
    Another great product is the eye shadow primer from Urban Decay called Eye Primer Potion. I have issues withy eye shadow creasing, but the Urban Decay one works amazingly. It's a bit pricey, but well worth it as a little goes a long way.

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