Kaidens 2nd Birthday Party

I can’t believe my sweet boy is 2 years old already! I know it’s so cliché to say but I feel like as soon as you have kids time just seriously flies by! To me Kaiden will always be my little miracle baby, my 29 weeker who gave me the biggest scare ever in my life but has now turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise. I feel like no matter how old he is I’ll always remember that day like it was yesterday and just be so proud of the sweet and intelligent boy he has now become. Seriously, thank God for technology, if it wasn’t for the amazing research and technology we have today, I wouldn’t have my beautiful boy with me here today.

Kaiden now weighs 23lbs (4%) and is 32in long (16%). According to the Doctor he is still tiny but to us, considering where we started, he’s so big! Kaiden is such a good boy, he’s so sweet, gentle with babies, and loves to read. He is by far the best eater ever, this kid will seriously eat anything and everything. A lot of our friends say as soon as they start talking and get a little older then their eating habits change and the pickiness will start. I really hope not, my daughter is the pickiest eater ever, and it drives me crazy. Kaiden loves everything from chips and salsa, sushi, to chicken and beans with vegetables. It’s so nice going to a restaurant and not having to worry if there’s going to be something on the menu that he’ll eat. Kaiden is definitely a daddy’s boy, he would way rather be hanging out with my husband and playing with trucks then having anything to do with me. It does make me sad at times, but I’m so grateful he has an amazing father figure in his life that I really can’t complain. Besides always wanting to be with his dad he is also obsessed with gas pumps and old gasoline signs. I know this isn’t normal at all but as you can kinda see in the picture above when that’s what your daddy collects then that’s the only thing your exposed to and so it becomes an obsession of my sons as well. Which makes my husband thrilled, he definitely wants a son who has the same interests as him so he can pass down this huge collection. Besides collecting gas pumps with daddy Kaiden also loves playing in his water table and pool outside or making jumps outta books for all his monster trucks. I wouldn’t trade this sweet beautiful boy for anything in the world, he really does make my husband and I so happy and brings so much joy to our lives!!
Because Kaiden is so into trucks, this year we decided to go for a truck/construction themed birthday party. So of course last year I started pinning stuff right away to get ideas. I didn’t want to go to crazy though this year on decorations and party favors, because to be honest, you end up spending so much money on the presentation and no one even remembers later on. So this year I kept it to a minimum but still added my own little personal touch to it.
 Motor oil soda labels
 “Fueling station” for drinks
 “Equipment and Supplies” for plates, napkins, and cups
 “STOP refuel here” and then “Crew Punch”
 Licorice was “2×4’s”
 Oreos were “spare tires”
 Grapes were “Wrecking balls”
 Veggie Straws were “Pipes”
 Doritos munchies were “Nuts and Bolts”
A lot of my pintable’s were made by my talented and creative sister in law, Jaimie, she’s amazing when it comes to PowerPoint, with I was talented like that. Then I just went to the Dollar Tree and bought 99c frames and painted them yellow to match the orange and yellow theme of the party. I did get some of my printable off Pinterest. If you just search “construction party free printables” then you will find a couple options. If your not creative then you can also search on etsy for tons of ideas at a fair price. I found this really neat blog when searching Pinterest and this is where I got the food labels, water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, and invitation template so you should check her out.
For Kaidens cake I just made him his own special chocolate cake and then put some little tractors on top. I dug a little bit out of the cake in one corner then placed it in another like a lil mound of dirt. Super simple and easy to make yet goes perfect with the theme. I found these little tractor at Party City in the favors section for only a couple dollars and now Kaiden can play with them after.
For everyone else I made Pudding filled dirt cupcakes. This was also super simple and easy to make plus saved me a ton of money instead of having professional cupcakes or a cake made and everybody still loved them. See you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good party!
For entertainment Kaiden already has a ton of Tonka trucks and tractors so we just went to Home Depot and bought more sand and made a huge sandbox for all the kids to get dirty and play around. Everybody loved it and it kept them entertained the whole 3 hours. Normally I do a jumpy, but this year we decided to cut back on cost, so I was so nervous the kids would be bored. Huge success though!
My sweet triplet nieces
Kaiden ended up getting sick during his party! Never fails right…kids always get sick for birthdays or holidays! We still tried to make the best of it though, but poor little guy just didn’t want to play or eat his cake. All he wanted to do was take a nap so we sped along the cake and present opening process. As we sang him Happy Birthday he just looked at us like we’re crazy and then just proceeded to play with the trucks in the cake instead of eat it. Oh well, maybe next year we’ll get more of a reaction out of him.
Then it came time for presents, luckily I had asked for gift cards or cash so we could buy Kaiden his big boy bed so there wasn’t that many presents to open. How adorable is this bed for a boy who loves trucks?!!
Of course all his presents were more trucks and hot wheels! I didn’t expect anything less A boy can never have to many trucks!
It was such a great party and once again Thank You to everyone who came and helped make this day extra special for my little guy!

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