Gender Reveal

OMG can’t believe I am seriously 20 weeks pregnant and I haven’t been blogging like I wanted to. Sometimes I feel like the time is just crawling by and then other times when it comes to my blogging and scrapbooking I feel like the time is flying by because I haven’t done half the stuff I have wanted to do. Poor baby is going to have no documentation of being in my belly like I did with Kaiden. Well today was a very exciting day because today we have finally found out what we are having!!! Finally the time has come!! I have had two different chances now to find out the gender and both times my husband wanted to wait so I respected his wishes, well now I can’t wait any longer. With both my two other children I have always found out right at the ultrasound appointment, well this time we were going to do things a little bit different, we were going to have a gender reveal party right after the ultrasound. The ultrasound was scheduled for 4pm, OMG it seemed like the longest day ever, I just couldn’t wait for the appointment. Not gonna lie though, I was a little nervous for the appointment and for two different reasons. 1) I was worried something was going to be wrong with the baby, even though I had felt him/her move earlier in the day I was still terrified and 2) I was scared the ultrasound tech would accidentally tell us the sex of the baby and then everything would be ruined. Well we went to the appointment and everything was great, baby wasn’t totally cooperating so the ultrasound lasted an hour long, my stomach was so sore after we left from her poking and prodding repeatably with the probe so that definitely sucked. It was so crazy to think that we had the results in an envelope right there in my purse, I kept joking to my husband that we should just look! But no, I’m not that kinda person, I like to be surprised, and I wanted to be surprised with everyone else. We went straight to The Cupcake Store by our house and handed the baker the envelope. I had ordered 4 cupcakes and she was going to insert the filling into only one of the cupcakes. I was doing our reveal a little bit different, I wanted only the grandparents to get a cupcake, no one would know which cupcake had the filling, and then they would all bite at the exact same time! Even as we got the cupcakes I was nervous leftover frosting would be on the box or wrapper of the cupcake, I’ve heard way to many stories of people having their reveal ruined and I really didn’t want that to happen to us. We went and picked up the kiddos and then it was straight to my mother in laws for the fun to begin!!

This is the cake I ordered from Costco which was for everyone else besides the Grandparents to enjoy! I really did feel like “pink or blue we love you”. Either way I would be extremely happy but for some reason I was just 100% convinced that we were having a boy. There was no doubt in my mind that from day one this baby was a boy. When I went to the store,  I wouldn’t look at girl clothes, nothing related to girls because I knew it was a boy and didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I even ordered a couple boy things I thought were so cute. I told my husband repeatably it was a boy, we had our boy name picked out, and our heart was set on another little boy.
Me and my two other little ones! Kirra (8 years old) and Kaiden (2 years old)
When the time had finally come to reveal the gender I was so excited yet so nervous at the same time!!
That face says it all!!! NO FREAKING WAY!!
We are having A BABY GIRL!! I am 100% completely and utterly in shock! No amount of words can describe how unprepared I was for my mother in law to bite into a pink cupcake! No Way!! The ultrasound has got to be wrong!! Until this child is born and it comes out a girl I still have my hesitation. It is seriously so crazy how strongly I felt like it was a boy, I have never once called this baby a “she” and now I feel so bad cuz everyday 24/7 it’s “he, he, he”! Not to mention I feel bad for my husband, for the past 4 months I got his hopes up as well that we were having another little boy so he has been mentally preparing himself for that. I know he’s happy either way and is just going to melt as soon as he sees her but we just definitely have had to switch gears now.
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How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain? 16lbs (I swear majority is in my boobs and butt)
Maternity clothes? Definitely!! I wear nothing but maternity clothes anymore.
Stretch marks? Not yet (fingers crossed)
Best moment this week? Our gender reveal party and finding out were having A LITTLE GIRL!
Movement? Daily, usually when I sit or lay down she’ll give a couple quick kicks
Food cravings? Everything! I just wanna eat all the time
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not anymore, luckily that stopped after the first trimester
Have you started to show yet? Umm ya!! This is the biggest I’ve been with all 3 of my pregnancies, I feel huge even though others disagree
Gender? Lil girl
Labor signs? No and there better not be any until 36 weeks at least! I’m determined to carry this baby full term
Belly button in or out? Still in but I feel like in a month or two that could change
Wedding rings on or off? Still on for the moment, that is probably going to change real quick as well
Happy or moody most of the time? I’m really tired lately so that could be adding to my no patience
Looking forward to? Going through all the baby girl clothes we already have and seeing what we still need, I’m definitely in nesting mode
As far as being “high risk” goes I am still only seeing the doctor every 4 weeks like a “normal” pregnancy. I see my OB in 2 weeks and I’m going to clarify to him when I will start going more frequently and how I will be monitored differently this time. My only scare so far was about 2 weeks ago, I was very uncomfortable in the area where my cerclage is located, I felt like it could be potentially tearing or opening. I called my OB crying, so upset, for sure I was going into pre term labor and he stated that as long as I wasn’t bleeding or contracting that I was fine. Well I had neither but either way I was still terrified considering my past, so I called out sick from work, and literally didn’t move or get off the couch all night. By the next morning the “pain” had subsided but it was still scary. Even now, every back pain, stomach ache, I get so scared that this could be it! But every day that goes by I’m more and more grateful for another day of keeping this baby in!

Bed Rest

If you guys follow my Facebook or Instagram then you know that about 2 weeks ago I had to go on moderate bedrest due to having my cerclage placed. I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I’ve never had to do this before. Let me just say I wasn’t expecting it to be how it was!!! I was miserable!! I thought, “oh I’m going to get so much accomplished, I can organize and set dates for all my upcoming blogs and you tube videos, I can catch up on my favorite tv shows, watch a couple movies, read a couple books”, piece of cake, I’ve got this! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The 1st day I was in to much pain and pretty sleepy to really do anything and then honestly the next day all I wanted to do was get out of the dang bed and go hang out with my family during this beautiful summer weekend. It was really hard staying in bed, reciting to my husband what needed to be done and what to pack for the kids for the day, when all I wanted to do was go to the Air show with them or go to the birthday party where all our friends would be. It made me feel so unmotivated and sort of sad in a way, all I wanted to do was lay there watching TV, and I had absolutely no interest in being productive. I just ate (way to much junk food mind you), watched movies on TV, and slept for the next 4 days! In the end I accomplished nothing that I had on my to do list and the only thing I learned from this whole situation is I never want to be on bedrest again!! With being considered “high risk” I really really hope that down the line I don’t have to go on bedrest, it’s so hard when you have a house to run and children to raise.  Especially for me, I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to ask for help and I like to do things myself so to not be “involved” in my kiddos lives for the week and have no control was really rough for me. If anything I’m just praying for “modified bedrest” where I can at least sit on the couch and occasionally walk around, because thinking of those poor woman that have to be hospitalized on bedrest just sounds so awful. My heart truly goes out to those woman and all that they have to sacrifice for their lil bun in the oven.  If you have to go out on bedrest though or know it’s in your near future I’ve put together a lil list of things to help pass the time that hopefully if there’s a next time I will take more advantage of:
ü  Online shopping! Whether you have baby things that still need to be bought, a baby registry to make, or even birthday or Christmas presents to buy now is the perfect time to get all this done. With baby #3 I am due in December and let me tell you if I go into pre term labor and get put on bedrest you can guarantee all my shopping will be done online. But personally I do like shopping online as it’s so much more convenient and being the mother of 2 already I’m sure all you mommies out there can relate that shopping with kids is so stressful and such a hassle! Plus I love using Ebates and getting cash back for all my purchases.
ü  Writing in a journal, blogging, or scrapbook. I have decided to blog and write in a pregnancy journal this pregnancy. I find it really relaxing to get out some of the emotions and fears that I’m facing at this time, plus it’s always fun to go back and relive some old memories. As far as scrapbooking goes I find that I never have the time, well here now you go, plenty of time to get all creative!
ü  Catch up on favorite TV shows or find a new series on Netflix
ü  Play with your kids. Just because you’re on bed rest doesn’t mean you can’t play with your kids. I don’t know about you guys but my 8 year old is constantly wanting me to play board or card games with her and majority of the time I don’t have the time because I’m busy cleaning or cooking dinner well now I will have plenty of time to play all the monopoly and UNO that she wants
ü  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. These are all great resources to stay social and up to date with everything that is going on in your friends lives
ü  Read. You can never read to many books whether it’s the next “Fifty Shades book” or “What to expect when your expecting“choose something to keep your mind occupied
ü  Rest! Lastly, just rest and do nothing, because before you know it you’re going to have another mouth to feed and you’re going to wish you were still laying in that bed lounging doing nothing!
Bedrest is really hard! But do you know what it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself! It’s ok to wallow in a little bit of self-pity. But do you know what, don’t feel guilty, just remind yourself who exactly you are doing this for. And at the end of it all, when it’s all said and done, and you have that sweet little bundle of joy in your arms; it will all be worth it!