Bed Rest

If you guys follow my Facebook or Instagram then you know that about 2 weeks ago I had to go on moderate bedrest due to having my cerclage placed. I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I’ve never had to do this before. Let me just say I wasn’t expecting it to be how it was!!! I was miserable!! I thought, “oh I’m going to get so much accomplished, I can organize and set dates for all my upcoming blogs and you tube videos, I can catch up on my favorite tv shows, watch a couple movies, read a couple books”, piece of cake, I’ve got this! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The 1st day I was in to much pain and pretty sleepy to really do anything and then honestly the next day all I wanted to do was get out of the dang bed and go hang out with my family during this beautiful summer weekend. It was really hard staying in bed, reciting to my husband what needed to be done and what to pack for the kids for the day, when all I wanted to do was go to the Air show with them or go to the birthday party where all our friends would be. It made me feel so unmotivated and sort of sad in a way, all I wanted to do was lay there watching TV, and I had absolutely no interest in being productive. I just ate (way to much junk food mind you), watched movies on TV, and slept for the next 4 days! In the end I accomplished nothing that I had on my to do list and the only thing I learned from this whole situation is I never want to be on bedrest again!! With being considered “high risk” I really really hope that down the line I don’t have to go on bedrest, it’s so hard when you have a house to run and children to raise.  Especially for me, I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to ask for help and I like to do things myself so to not be “involved” in my kiddos lives for the week and have no control was really rough for me. If anything I’m just praying for “modified bedrest” where I can at least sit on the couch and occasionally walk around, because thinking of those poor woman that have to be hospitalized on bedrest just sounds so awful. My heart truly goes out to those woman and all that they have to sacrifice for their lil bun in the oven.  If you have to go out on bedrest though or know it’s in your near future I’ve put together a lil list of things to help pass the time that hopefully if there’s a next time I will take more advantage of:
ü  Online shopping! Whether you have baby things that still need to be bought, a baby registry to make, or even birthday or Christmas presents to buy now is the perfect time to get all this done. With baby #3 I am due in December and let me tell you if I go into pre term labor and get put on bedrest you can guarantee all my shopping will be done online. But personally I do like shopping online as it’s so much more convenient and being the mother of 2 already I’m sure all you mommies out there can relate that shopping with kids is so stressful and such a hassle! Plus I love using Ebates and getting cash back for all my purchases.
ü  Writing in a journal, blogging, or scrapbook. I have decided to blog and write in a pregnancy journal this pregnancy. I find it really relaxing to get out some of the emotions and fears that I’m facing at this time, plus it’s always fun to go back and relive some old memories. As far as scrapbooking goes I find that I never have the time, well here now you go, plenty of time to get all creative!
ü  Catch up on favorite TV shows or find a new series on Netflix
ü  Play with your kids. Just because you’re on bed rest doesn’t mean you can’t play with your kids. I don’t know about you guys but my 8 year old is constantly wanting me to play board or card games with her and majority of the time I don’t have the time because I’m busy cleaning or cooking dinner well now I will have plenty of time to play all the monopoly and UNO that she wants
ü  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. These are all great resources to stay social and up to date with everything that is going on in your friends lives
ü  Read. You can never read to many books whether it’s the next “Fifty Shades book” or “What to expect when your expecting“choose something to keep your mind occupied
ü  Rest! Lastly, just rest and do nothing, because before you know it you’re going to have another mouth to feed and you’re going to wish you were still laying in that bed lounging doing nothing!
Bedrest is really hard! But do you know what it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself! It’s ok to wallow in a little bit of self-pity. But do you know what, don’t feel guilty, just remind yourself who exactly you are doing this for. And at the end of it all, when it’s all said and done, and you have that sweet little bundle of joy in your arms; it will all be worth it!

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