Natural Fall Bronze Makeup Look

Happy 1st day of Fall!! But no seriously, can we start acting like it’s the Fall season around here, I’m so over this 95-100 degree weather anymore! I want to be snuggling on my couch with the kiddos, watching movies, while we listen to the rain outside! Well even if were still sweating our butts off here in San Diego, I decided to do a fall inspired makeup tutorial, super easy, nothing special that many of you subscribers can recreate so ENJOY!!

26 week update

26 week baby bump update
My baby bump this week:
high risk pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnant, fit pregnancy, healthy pregnancy
high risk pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnant, fit pregnancy, healthy pregnancy
What my sweet girl looks like:
This week according to “What to Expect When Your Expecting” my sweet girl should weight about 2lbs and measures in at 9+ inches long. Another momentous development this week is that her eyes should be beginning to open now but it’s still too early to be able to tell what color eyes she will have. (Hopefully blue just like her brother and sister).
I had to do my glucose tolerant test this week and even though it’s my 3rd time I still dread it every time! I really like sweets but this drink is just way to much for me! Especially when you have to drink it on an empty stomach, I can just feel it sitting in my stomach and all I want to do is drink some water or eat some food with substance and absorb all that sugar floating around. The hardest part for me is the fact that you have to drink the 240ml bottle in no more than 5 minutes, I’ve never been one to “chug” a drink so for me it’s hard to drink that much when I’m not eating anything, it almost makes me want to throw up because it’s to much at one time. I do feel the drink has gotten better though, when I did it for the first time when I was pregnant with Kirra I drank the orange flavored one and I swear it was way sugary then, I remember almost feeling like I was going to pass out. Or maybe the lemon lime flavored drink is just way better, maybe that’s the secret.  So with the glucose test you drink the drink and then have to wait for 1 hour, no eating or drinking anything, and then they draw your blood. Based on those levels they can determine if you have developed diabetes during your pregnancy or not. For those of you on your 1stpregnancy you will do this test somewhere between 24-28 wks. unless you’re at risk for gestational diabetes (family history or overweight) but your doctor will let you know exactly when to do it, if your results come back elevated this means that your body isn’t producing enough insulin to process the excess glucose in your body, and so then you have to repeat the test but this time it’s 3 hours long. The drink is much stronger and you will have your blood drawn every hour for 3 hours after drinking the sugary drink. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes during your pregnancy it’s not critical to baby as long as you keep your blood sugar levels controlled, if not controlled you’re at risk for delivering a too-large infant which can complicate delivery and then your infant will have low blood sugar levels after delivery and most likely require some time in the NICU.
This week my husband and I also had a wedding to attend to and boy was it so HOT!!! I already feel like my body is a furnace so I wasn’t looking forward to an outside wedding when it was 90 degrees outside. Never the less I did it with the aid of lots of water and frequent sitting down in the shade. My biggest challenge might have been finding something to wear. I really didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a maternity dress that I wouldn’t be wearing again so I went through my whole closet trying to make something work. All of my dresses either wouldn’t go over my boobs now or my belly made the dresses way to short in the front, luckily I had an old bridesmaid dress that was a babydoll style and it actually fit perfect so I got lucky there, it was either that or a maxi dress which would have made me even hotter then I already was. I had a good time at the wedding and baby girl cooperated with no stomach cramps but I was also very cautious, normally I’d be out on the dance floor but not this time around, I’ll have to wait to get my groove on after baby is born!
Best moment this week: Having another week down in the books!! Every day that passes I am so grateful for the growth and development my baby girl is getting.  I also set a date for my baby sprinkle, since I delivered last time literally the night after my baby shower this time I wanted to wait until baby girl was safe to deliver just in case it happened again. So we will be doing my sprinkle when I’m 35 weeks, hopefully I’ll still be pregnant, fingers crossed!!
Movement: Some days this little girl is a wild animal and some days she’s completely quiet! Daddy has gotten to feel her move like crazy though and he absolutely loves feeling her little kicks and rolls. I wish for 1 day he could experience what it feels like to have a baby kicking inside of you, I feel like it’s something you can’t fully explain, you just have to experience it for yourself to know. She also got hiccups for the 1sttime last night, so that was really cute!
Labor signs: This week I have felt really good, the occasional heartburn or gas pains but no Braxton hicks this week!
Coming up: I now start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks for observation so I’m curious to see how these appointments are going to go. I should be going out on disability here soon and my doctor will be doing cervical checks here as well.

25 Week update

Week 25
Holy Moly I’m such a slacker on posting!! I’m really going to make it a point to blog the rest of this pregnancy as now as when it starts to get really scary! I had all these big plans on documenting this pregnancy and then next thing I know I’m 6 ½ months Prego and have done nothing like I wanted.
My baby bump this week:
high risk pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnant, fit pregnancy, healthy pregnancy
high risk pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnant, fit pregnancy, healthy pregnancy

On Saturday we got free tickets to the Padre game so I couldn’t pass those up, but don’t get me wrong I was definitely freaked out about going. For 1) it was about 90 degrees, ridicously hot, and of course our seats were smack dab straight in the sun the entire game! I couldn’t do it, after sitting in the sun for only about 5 minutes I was sweating so bad and knew this wasn’t a good idea. We spent majority of the time standing in the shade or sitting at a table watching the game on the restaurant table, I just couldn’t bear the heat and was scared I’d get to hot and start contracting.  2) We had to park about 5 blocks from the stadium, now mind you for “normal” pregnant women this is totally fine but I can’t even walk my daughter to her classroom without my stomach tightening. My poor husband we walked so slow to the stadium, me waddling right behind him (yes I already have the dang waddle going on), but walking any faster and I get this awful side cramp. I was even nervous to walk around the stadium but we did a lot of stopping so I was fine until the walk back and then baby girl made sure to let me know I needed to sit down and was done for the day. Overall, it was a great time and I was so happy I was able to enjoy the family outing with my family!!

For those of you that are also limited in your pregnancy you feel my pain on how hard it is sometimes when you can’t even do normal day to day activities. The other day after working all night, I slept for a couple hours, and then we went to Ikea since were trying to redo our laundry room area to make more storage area for baby girl. I literally couldn’t even make it from the parking lot into the store without having the worst side cramping ever!! I had had a really rough night at work the night before, so physically my body was just done. We had to cut our shopping short since I couldn’t even concentrate on anything other than the pain. Things like that make me so frustrated at times, I just feel like my body hates me! Why can’t I just carry a baby full term like majority of other women? I know so many women who work out pretty extreme until the day they deliver and here I am not even able to walk around Ikea without having issues. Sometimes I feel like I can’t be as involved with activities with my family as I’d like to be and it makes me really sad, we’ll be driving home, and I will literally be fighting back tears of frustration. I don’t like being high risk, it’s not fun, and in fact I feel like it’s not fair! I just don’t understand it; I don’t understand why my body has to be this way! I guess you could say the same thing though about infertility, why for some women they get pregnant in the blink of an eye while other women take years of trying before being successful. I will never understand why some women are dealt these cards!
What my sweet girl looks like this week:
This week, according to BabyCenter baby girl is the size of a rutabaga or over 13 1/2 inches long and weighs around 1 1/2lbs. She’s beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat. As she does, her wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and she’ll start to look more and more like a newborn. She’s also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you’d now be able to discern its color and texture.
When I sit and read how big baby is now, it’s so bizarre to me to think something that big is actually in my stomach! The whole conception and growing process of a baby is mind boggling but to think there’s this little human being growing in my belly really trips me out sometimes. Especially when she’s in there moving around, I always wish you could have like a little window to your belly so you could see exactly what their doing in there! My husband and I have been so curious lately as to how she’s going to look as well, will she have dark hair like Kaiden or will this be our little toe head baby? My daughter was bald until she was about a year old so I don’t think she’s going to come out with a ton of hair or anything, I’ve already come to terms with the fact she’ll need to be wearing a headband every day or else people will think she’s a little boy. Both my husband and I have blue eyes so either way she should come out with blue eyes, which would be so cute as a blonde or brunette. Either way we can definitely wait another 3 months to see what she looks like. It’s funny because before you have ever had a preemie baby you constantly say “I can’t wait to meet baby”! Those words will definitely never be spoken in our household and I always correct people if they say it to me, I can definitely wait and have patience for another 3 months, I’m not in that big of a hurry to hold her or see what she looks like. There will be no preemie baby for this momma again!!
Total weight gain: 28lbs. (I gained 29lbs with both Kirra and kaiden) I’m definitely not stressing over it, as long as I have a healthy baby I’ll worry about losing the unwanted extra weight later
Stretch Marks: My belly looks great right now; I have some stretch marks on my hips but have had that since I was in high school. I still love my Burt Bees Mama butter right now!
Best moment this week: Hearing baby’s heart beat at my doctor’s appt today and then just making it to 25 weeks!! From 22-25 weeks I was an emotional wreck and seriously so scared that any minute my world was going to come crashing down if I went into labor. (knock on wood) but I have felt great this week and am so excited every day as I approach 26 weeks.
Miss anything: Living my life without constant worry! When you’re not pregnant you don’t freak at every little cramp or pain that you experience. I just definitely miss being a little more carefree and not feeling like I’m walking on egg shells 24/7, scared to rock the boat. I won’t drink soda (since caffeine is a stimulant), I’m scared of getting a pedicure and having them massage my legs (there is a pressure point on your legs/feet that can make you go into labor), and not to be TMI but I don’t want to be intimate with my husband either for fear it will send me into labor. You just hear about so many risk factors for pre term labor and then you literally try and avoid all of them!
Movement: Everyday! Some days she is like a wild animal in there!!
Food cravings: Hot dogs, kids’ cereal, and then my newest…bagels with cream cheese!
Labor signs: Very crampy last week at work for practically my whole shift, I should have gone to triage but I tried to power through it. This week I have felt great but at today’s doctors appt I was told I shouldn’t have any cramping. If I feel cramping then I need to lie down, drink water, and see if it goes away, if not then go straight to triage. With my history menstrual like cramps aren’t ok! It’s just another one of those things where some people have cramps through their whole pregnancy and carry full term, so I was just very torn thinking is this normal? Should I go to triage? I just don’t ever want to come across as a “baby” or “overreacting” all the time and sometimes I just don’t want to feel like a burden on people where there constantly having to take me to triage. I’m sure none of my family feels that way; I just don’t like inconveniencing people.
Upcoming: I have my glucose test tomorrow to check for gestational diabetes and from now on I will be seeing the doctor every 2 weeks. I most likely will go out on disability from work at 27 weeks so the thought of only a couple more shifts at work sounds really nice!