26 week update

26 week baby bump update
My baby bump this week:
high risk pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnant, fit pregnancy, healthy pregnancy
high risk pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnant, fit pregnancy, healthy pregnancy
What my sweet girl looks like:
This week according to “What to Expect When Your Expecting” my sweet girl should weight about 2lbs and measures in at 9+ inches long. Another momentous development this week is that her eyes should be beginning to open now but it’s still too early to be able to tell what color eyes she will have. (Hopefully blue just like her brother and sister).
I had to do my glucose tolerant test this week and even though it’s my 3rd time I still dread it every time! I really like sweets but this drink is just way to much for me! Especially when you have to drink it on an empty stomach, I can just feel it sitting in my stomach and all I want to do is drink some water or eat some food with substance and absorb all that sugar floating around. The hardest part for me is the fact that you have to drink the 240ml bottle in no more than 5 minutes, I’ve never been one to “chug” a drink so for me it’s hard to drink that much when I’m not eating anything, it almost makes me want to throw up because it’s to much at one time. I do feel the drink has gotten better though, when I did it for the first time when I was pregnant with Kirra I drank the orange flavored one and I swear it was way sugary then, I remember almost feeling like I was going to pass out. Or maybe the lemon lime flavored drink is just way better, maybe that’s the secret.  So with the glucose test you drink the drink and then have to wait for 1 hour, no eating or drinking anything, and then they draw your blood. Based on those levels they can determine if you have developed diabetes during your pregnancy or not. For those of you on your 1stpregnancy you will do this test somewhere between 24-28 wks. unless you’re at risk for gestational diabetes (family history or overweight) but your doctor will let you know exactly when to do it, if your results come back elevated this means that your body isn’t producing enough insulin to process the excess glucose in your body, and so then you have to repeat the test but this time it’s 3 hours long. The drink is much stronger and you will have your blood drawn every hour for 3 hours after drinking the sugary drink. If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes during your pregnancy it’s not critical to baby as long as you keep your blood sugar levels controlled, if not controlled you’re at risk for delivering a too-large infant which can complicate delivery and then your infant will have low blood sugar levels after delivery and most likely require some time in the NICU.
This week my husband and I also had a wedding to attend to and boy was it so HOT!!! I already feel like my body is a furnace so I wasn’t looking forward to an outside wedding when it was 90 degrees outside. Never the less I did it with the aid of lots of water and frequent sitting down in the shade. My biggest challenge might have been finding something to wear. I really didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a maternity dress that I wouldn’t be wearing again so I went through my whole closet trying to make something work. All of my dresses either wouldn’t go over my boobs now or my belly made the dresses way to short in the front, luckily I had an old bridesmaid dress that was a babydoll style and it actually fit perfect so I got lucky there, it was either that or a maxi dress which would have made me even hotter then I already was. I had a good time at the wedding and baby girl cooperated with no stomach cramps but I was also very cautious, normally I’d be out on the dance floor but not this time around, I’ll have to wait to get my groove on after baby is born!
Best moment this week: Having another week down in the books!! Every day that passes I am so grateful for the growth and development my baby girl is getting.  I also set a date for my baby sprinkle, since I delivered last time literally the night after my baby shower this time I wanted to wait until baby girl was safe to deliver just in case it happened again. So we will be doing my sprinkle when I’m 35 weeks, hopefully I’ll still be pregnant, fingers crossed!!
Movement: Some days this little girl is a wild animal and some days she’s completely quiet! Daddy has gotten to feel her move like crazy though and he absolutely loves feeling her little kicks and rolls. I wish for 1 day he could experience what it feels like to have a baby kicking inside of you, I feel like it’s something you can’t fully explain, you just have to experience it for yourself to know. She also got hiccups for the 1sttime last night, so that was really cute!
Labor signs: This week I have felt really good, the occasional heartburn or gas pains but no Braxton hicks this week!
Coming up: I now start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks for observation so I’m curious to see how these appointments are going to go. I should be going out on disability here soon and my doctor will be doing cervical checks here as well.

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