Kaiden and his new glasses

Kaiden is going to be getting glasses and that just makes me so sad!! I’ve been dreading this eye exam appointment for multiple reasons and was really hoping after today’s visit we wouldn’t have to keep coming every 6 months to follow up. But boy was I wrong! Originally since Kaiden was born premature we were followed by an ophthalmologist every 6 months to make sure he didn’t develop ROP (retinopathy of prematurity), it’s a disease that affects the retina of the eye. Well during these eye exams we ruled out ROP but now they’ve noticed a bilateral astigmatism, esotropia (cross eyed), and hypermetropia (far sighted), because of this Kaiden will have to wear glasses until maybe he reaches his mid-teens.  I instantly had to fight back tears at the appointment, (no offense to anyone) but all I could think about was my child is going to be the “4 eyed dork” in elementary school or whatever new names kids tease children who wear glasses with these days.  No parent wants this for their child! Yes, there are way worse things that your child could get diagnosed with, but setting that all aside, no parent wants anything to be wrong with their child and that’s the bottom line. If Kaiden was almost an adult then the idea of glasses wouldn’t be so bad, but he’s only 2 years old, my poor baby is going to need glasses and that makes me so upset.  I personally think my son is the cutest thing ever and now I worry glasses will make him look funny or that people will think something is wrong with him. Call me superficial or whatever you want but you would feel the exact same way! Or maybe people are going to think it’s my fault he now has to wear glasses! From the moment you conceive your child you follow all the “rules” of what to eat, what not to eat, and what activities to avoid as to give your child the best outcome, so when anything is wrong with your child you instantly wonder what you could have done differently. I asked the doctor if any of these issues had to do with prematurity but he said No and that most likely it was hereditary. But even that doesn’t make sense to me because both my husband and I have no vision problems. I also talked to the doctor about different exercises I could do with Kaiden or if there’s things I should be avoiding but he stated the only thing I can do is just make sure Kaiden wears his glasses. I left the appointment not only disappointed but also feeling so defeated, how is their literally nothing I can do? And how in the heck am I supposed to get a 2 year old to wear glasses 24/7? This just seems like the biggest fight ever! After talking to my husband we questioned getting a second opinion but do I really want to torture my child again with another eye dilation? I wanted to cry just holding him down while they put eye drops in his eyes; he screamed how much it hurt. It just broke my heart! As soon as she was done he didn’t want to go near her again and just kept crying that he didn’t want anyone poking his eyes anymore. Maybe it was a mix of the pregnancy hormones but I just felt so awful he had to experience this. With anything in life though, you always wish you could take your child’s place. I remember when Kaiden was first born and they took him down to the NICU, I just wished I could take his spot, and take away all his pain. No one wants their child to feel any pain; you don’t want them poked and prodded, or even to get their feelings hurt. If anyone has any advice for me on their toddler wearing glasses whether it’s a certain brand to get or tricks to get them to wear them, please do share, I need all the help I can get right now.
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1 month update: Kaiden has now had the glasses for about a month now and let me tell you it’s been no easy task! I cried the first couple days and was very upset every time I looked at my sweet boy with his glasses on but I have slowly started to accept this outcome. Don’t get me wrong it still bothers me and makes me sad but I know I have to do what’s best for him. The other day at a birthday party a little boy came up to Kaiden and said, “You look funny with those glasses on”. Thank God Kaiden is still so little that he has no idea what the kid meant by his comment at all but it honestly made me want to cry and bothered me all day. This is exactly what I don’t want for Kaiden! I don’t want kids to make fun of him in school, he’s the sweetest boy, and I don’t want his feelings to be hurt and that innocence gone. You can relate this to so many things when it comes to our children, we want them to stay little and innocent forever and this little moment gave me a glimpse into what his elementary years would be like. Kaiden probably only wears his glasses about 50% of the time, it’s really been a struggle to get this strong willed 2 year old to wear glasses. We usually end up bribing him with something (a treat, TV time, etc.) and then he’ll forget he’s even wearing them for a little bit but it’s still not consistent all day. So any tips or tricks you guys may have would be greatly appreciated! I went with the Mira flex brand of glasses, they are awesome, and highly recommended for toddlers. I knew if we got a normal frame and lens they would be ruined in no time. These glasses are completely flexible, he pulls at the frames all the time and they won’t break. The lenses are shatter proof and scratch resistant, he’s actually even popped one of the lenses out before and we were able to just push it back in.  If you are looking for glasses for your young child I highly highly recommend these glasses, you can visit their site MiraFlex for a store locator; I have found them very readily available in many locations in San Diego so hopefully you won’t have trouble finding them as well. There also reasonably priced, I worried that since we were getting this “special” toddler resistant frame and lenses set that they would be so expensive but that wasn’t the case at all, all I had to do was pay a $25 co pay and we were on our way! Adult glasses are definitely way more expensive. Like I had previously mentioned, if anyone has any advice, tips, tricks on how to get him to wear his glasses more please do share, I need all the help I can get! 

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