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I don’t know about you guys but my kiddos just absolutely love to read or be read to, so when I was contacted by Moms Meet to review the children’s book series, ASPCA kids: Rescue Readers by Studio Fun, a Readers Digest company, I was all for it. When our package arrived, the kids were so excited!! Kirra especially, she is all about reading books right now about animals and their adventures, and these aren’t just any animals, each of these stories are inspired by  real-life animals who were rescued fostered to new loving families. I just knew these books would be a great addition to Kirra’s collection and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Now obviously Kaiden isn’t reading at a level 2 reading level yet but there was still plenty of photographs of the actual pet that inspired the story that he was able to still follow along as well.

How cute are these illustrations?
I have grown up with dogs and cats all my life and so I definitely want to pass down to them the importance of caring, protecting, and always loving our animals. We currently have a little teacup Yorkie and our kids always take turns feeding and walking her. It’s really important to teach our children that animals need love and a good family too, their not creatures that can just be thrown out on the streets as soon as you decide you no longer want to care for them.

Not only are these books super fun for the kiddos to read but when you purchase these books they also help support ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), this is the first animal welfare organization in the US and the nations leading voice for animals. ASPCA’s mission is to help prevent the cruelty of animals in the US. Who doesn’t love helping a good charity? Especially with Christmas coming up, these would make a great gift, plus give back to all the sweet animals in need. All 4 of these books can be bought anywhere books are sold, there available in paperback, hardcover, and even e-books or you can buy them straight from the website StudioFun. They retail for $3.99 each or you can buy all 4 for $15.96 and then 4-5% of the purchase price will go directly to ASPCA. If you have any little ones aged 3-7 on your Christmas list this year, then I would definitely recommend these books.

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