Newborn Baby Essentials

When reflecting on the last 2 months with Kyleigh, all I can think about is the newborn baby essential items that have helped me survive. I don’t know what I would do without some of these newborn baby essential items. I’m all about helping other mommies out. Today I wanted to share with you what I consider the top newborn baby essential items. I would love for you to share what you consider your newborn baby essential items as well. Maybe there’s something I am missing out on and need in my life.

newborn baby essential items

Top 10 Newborn Baby Essential items

  1. A Pack N Play. These portable cribs are awesome! They can be used as a bassinet when baby is little. When baby gets older and you need to contain them it also can double as a playpen. Yes bassinets are so cute but the price tag definitely is not! Your baby will grow out of that bassinet within 2-3 months and now you have to put them in their crib whether your ready to or not. I also like the idea of being able to take the pack n play with us if we will be staying in a hotel or visiting family out of town. For the price, multi use, and convenience it’s a huge win!
  2. Uppa Baby Vista Stroller. When it comes to baby items, I would like to think I’m pretty minimalist. I don’t like to spend a ton of money. But this next item, the higher price tag is a must, and it’s 100% worth the investment! I bought a inexpensive train double stroller and let me tell you that thing is so horrible to steer and turn. You literally have to put all your strength to turn that stroller because it’s so long. And when you’re in a crowd of people forget it, maneuvering is awful, and I hate it! I dread when I have to push both my kiddos around in that stroller. Later on after my horrible purchase when I went back to the store and tried out the Uppa Baby Vista I couldn’t believe how much it turned like a dream. You can turn that thing 1 handed with a coffee in the other hand no problem. If I were to do things all over again, I definitely would purchase this stroller no doubt about it. The amount of money I have spent buying a single stroller, then double, jogging stroller, and an umbrella stroller is way over the price I would have just spent if I would have just gotten the Uppa baby in the beginning. The Uppa baby can be used as a single stroller and then when you have more children you buy the adapter and it will convert into a double stroller. If you need even more room for a 3rd child they do have the option of buying a piggy back ride along board.
  3. VaVa night light. I was recently watching a fellow YouTuber share some of the baby items she had recently bought for her newborn baby and she mentioned the VaVa night light. I had never heard of this night light before and never really thought of it as being an essential until she started saying she uses it for middle of the night feedings. Genius! With my other other kiddos I was always fumbling around in the dark or worse having to go turn on the big over head light. This light is awesome, you just double tap the top of the light to turn it on and off. And you can choose how bright or dim you want the light. I always keep mine on the lowest setting. I don’t want to disturb my husband or wake up baby. A added bonus was I also brought this along in my hospital bag and it was awesome.(What’s in my hospital bag/labor and delivery bag video) In the hospital rooms there’s no dimmer switch so it’s either pitch black or full blown bright as can be when the nurse comes in your room to do your assessment in the middle of the night. I set up this light right next to my bed and every time the nurses came in I would just switch it on real quick or even use it for checking on baby when there making all those little noises that freak you out.
  4. KeaBabies Diaper backpack. With my other kiddos I always just bought a generic diaper bag, I never thought to buy a backpack. But boy am I so glad I did!! First of all, when your carrying a diaper bag on your stroller and trying to juggle a baby, it’s such a pain in the butt. The straps are always falling down your shoulder and it just gets in the way. A regular diaper bag usually only has 1-2 pockets so everything is just pretty much thrown in 1 area. I couldn’t believe how many compartments this backpack had, not to mention the insulated pocket to help keep bottles cold or warm. The main pocket has so much room I can pack for both my kiddos. The backpack just makes walking around so much more convenient and easy to carry around. It’s so comfortable I barely even notice it’s there!
  5. Gerber Prefold cloth diapers. I don’t use cloth diapers for my baby girl as a diaper but I do use them as burp cloths. The cutesy diaper cloths that you can buy from Carters are adorable but they don’t absorb well at all. So the baby ends up spitting up and now you have throw up all over you and your clothes. I love the cloth diapers because their so absorbent and easy to clean. If you’re going to purchase them I would definitely recommend the 6 ply versus the 3 ply as there bigger, softer, and most absorbent.
  6. BOB jogging stroller. I know I raved about the Uppa Baby stroller but the BOB stroller is another must! You don’t have to be into fitness to get a BOB stroller. I hate running, yet I love this jogging stroller. I use mine for walking the neighborhood, taking the kiddos to the beach, or anytime I know the terrain won’t be as smooth. This stroller turns like a dream. Another advantage it has over the Uppa Baby is this stroller will go anywhere, and I mean anywhere! You can go up and down curbs no problem. I take the stroller to the park, the beach, through the sand and bark, and it powers through no problem. The stroller is a little more on the wide side but if your planning on being outdoors a lot then this is the stroller for you.
  7. Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. I refuse to buy any other kind of receiving blanket. Yes some of the receiving blankets can be so cute but your baby is going to outgrown them so fast! I have used Aden & Anais blankets for my last 3 kiddos. Six years later my kiddos are still sleeping with them and call them their “blankie”. These blankets are so soft, especially if you get the “bamboo” ones and swaddle the baby like a champ. They are so oversize they make swaddling so easy without over heating your baby yet in the winter they still keep baby warm.
  8. Soothe Pacifiers. I’ve tried tons of different pacifiers and these Soothe pacifiers tend to be the ones my kids always gravitate towards. I’ve never had any nipple confusion problems and they don’t push out your child’s teeth causing dental issues later. You can buy them in the generic green color, blue or get them in a cute purple and pink set. A really cute gift idea is the “lovey” that can attach to the pacifier, they make them in so many different animals. Not only are they adorable but they make it so you don’t have a missing pacifier when baby drops it and it helps hold the pacifier in the babies mouth as well.
  9. A&D diaper rash ointment. Hands down best diaper rash ointment out there! Everything else is just a thick white paste that burns your poor babies butt!! A&D actually not only heals the rash but also protects your babies skin from getting a worse rash. I refuse to use anything else on my kiddos. I’ve even used it on my 3 year old Kyndal when she sometimes get irritation from her underwear and next day she’s completely healed.
  10. Car Seat cover. I don’t know about you but when it comes to my babies, I’m a germaphobe! I don’t want any strangers looking, touching, or breathing on my baby! So how do you prevent this when you have to take baby out in public? A car seat cover!! Genius!! Nobody messes with your baby when there all covered up, but when baby is out in the open for everyone to see, you can guarantee strangers will want to be touching your baby. Not only is a car seat cover great for keeping strangers away but when it’s sunny out it’s great to keep the sun out of babies eyes and keep them cool. In the winter it’s great for keeping the wind off of them and keeping them warm.