Quick and Easy Makeup Tutorial

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely love playing with makeup and trying out new products but 75% of the time I just don’t have the energy or even the time to pull out all my eyeshadow brushes and worry about blending a bunch of different colors together. As a busy mom I’m usually running out the door, so I just need something quick and easy that I can do for running errands but I can at least still look some what put together. This look here that I will be showing you is super easy and will take you probably a total of only 5 minutes to do! I hope you guys enjoy this simple “natural” look! Feel free to leave comments below and leave me requests for videos in the future!

Quick and Easy Eyebrow Tutorial

I constantly get tons of questions on how exactly I achieve my “perfect” eyebrows so today I thought I would do a video and share with you the only product I use. Being a busy mom I don’t have a ton of time to sit and sculpt out my brows with a ton of different products, so honestly just this one product saves my life! To me my eyebrows are a staple in my daily makeup routine, I couldn’t do without them, and if I some how forget to fill them in I feel so naked and incomplete. Hope you guys enjoy this video! Have a great day!

Review on the "Fake Bake" Self tanner

Since it is about 85 degrees here everyday lately in San Diego, CA, I thought it would be the perfect time to bust out some self tanner and give these pasty white legs some color! I have seen many great reviews for the self tanner “Fake Bake” before so I thought I would give it a try. Is there any self tanners that you guys recommend? Watch this video to find out if this tanner is worth the $26 or not?!

Huge Makeup Haul

I have always loved watching other Youtubers give commentary on makeup brands and products that they love and honestly that’s how I’ve learned to do my own makeup. I’ve always thought it’d be so fun to share my insight on makeup that I love and hate so with that being said I’ve decided to start making You Tube videos as well. My husband got me a camera for Christmas, nothing fancy, but it will do the trick while I figure out if filming you tube tutorials is as fun as it looks. It definitely is really nerve wracking, I recorded this video about a week ago and every day I sit and critique it. It’s definitely really hard to put yourself out there and I don’t know how some of these girls do it on a weekly basis. I’ve seen some of the mean comments people post on their videos and I honestly don’t know how they just brush it off. I know this is only my 1st video and as time goes on I will get better and more comfortable for the camera but either way it’s the perfectionist in me that wants it absolutely perfect but I need to remember other Youtubers like Jaclyn Hill or Casey Holmes didn’t have perfect videos when they first started either, they had to grow and evolve and it just takes practice and experience. After you watch this video please don’t bite to hard! Eeek!!

Over the holidays with all the sales going on I decided that I needed to not only do shopping for others but myself as well, so I splurged a little bit and bought a ton of makeup from Sephora, Ulta, Target, and CVS. Of course I had coupons though or the products were on sale, for those of you that know me know I’m a huge couponer and bargain shopper. So here is my 1st video with my new camera showcasing all my new goodies, hope you guys enjoy, and look forward to seeing future videos!


I love shopping and buying new clothes but if your a mommy like me then you know those days of strolling through the mall walking into all your favorite stores and just browsing until you find that perfect outfit are few and far between. Nowadays when I go to the mall, it’s a dang adventure, I have to know exactly what I’m looking for, and get in and out before the littlest one has a melt down. My purse is stocked with a sippy cup, snacks, blanket, pacifier, and the occasional toy hoping to prolong my sons contentment in the stroller for as long as possible. Forget meeting a friend anymore to shop, I need to be in and out of the mall in record time. Oh ya and don’t forget we have to coordinate our shopping time around babies nap schedule, you wouldn’t dare go to the mall without a nap in tow! With that being said I get a lot of my shopping done online, and not just for myself but when it comes to all purchases. I just find it so much less stressful to be shopping at home, in the quiet of my own house, and usually wait until Kaiden is napping. I wait until items I’ve been eyeballing are on sale or I wait for “free shipping” deals. I hate paying shipping, is that a deal breaker to anyone else?

Today I wanted to share with you all the cutest online boutique store that I found on Instagram, it’s called Modern Vintage Boutique they have the cutest clothes ever and for a reasonable price. I love that they style every outfit with shoes and accessories, sometimes I struggle with how to put pieces together. With the holidays coming up I decided to splurge on myself for once and update my wardrobe a little bit.

Faux Leather Leggings Express